Statement on the issue of Expropriation

We respect, support, and celebrate all communities’ culture, heritage, and legacy and remain committed to the principles of sustainable developments. This includes the adoption of a detailed Bill of Rights that protects individual human rights and resolutions protecting private property and disallowing expropriation.

Próspera ZEDE will not, and cannot, legally expropriate properties to expand its boundaries. The Charter of Próspera ZEDE does not allow it. The Próspera ZEDE Council has issued a Resolution that bans expropriation and prevents Próspera ZEDE from benefiting directly or indirectly from expropriation. The CAMP has issued a permanent regulation banning expropriation from extending the boundaries of Próspera ZEDE. Próspera ZEDE and HPI fully support  an amendment of the ZEDE Organic Law that prevents the use of expropriation from expanding any ZEDE.