Statement on Socialization of the project & Free Prior Informed Consent (FPIC)

In late 2019, Honduras Próspera Inc. (formerly Sociedad Para el Desarrollo Socioeconómico de Honduras LLC) (“HPI”), as the Promoter and Organizer of Próspera ZEDE, notified the Municipality of Roatán, the Congressman for the Bay Islands and the national and international media of its intention to develop a ZEDE on the island of Roatán.

In this regard, HPI received letters from Mayor Jerry Hynds and Governor Dino Silvestri welcoming the development of Próspera ZEDE to the island. Thereafter, HPI organized a town hall meeting with the Crawfish Rock community, informing them of the development of Próspera ZEDE. As a result, the Crawfish Rock community welcomed the development, as evidenced by the town hall resolution that was signed by over 80% of the existing households permanently registered at the Crawfish Rock area.

Names and profiles of HPI’s Board Members have been published and still are publicly available on HPI’s official website www.pró

The company’s business activities are intended to generate opportunities for both people on the island and the mainland, they are being developed on unencumbered private territories with no known disputes regarding ownership or possession and cause no negative impact on indigenous or afro-descendant communities neighboring Próspera ZEDE.

All parties involved with the Próspera ZEDE are doing so of their own free will, and numerous community members have benefited, and continue to benefit, from direct and indirect job creations associated with the company’s presence on the island. In addition, the community has also benefited from education, water, and security services provided by Próspera ZEDE upon their request.

Próspera ZEDE’s and HPI’s actions are fully compliant with the International Labor Organization (ILO) Conventions, including Convention 169 regarding the right of previous consultation. Próspera ZEDE and HPI consider their socialization efforts to be a part of their “good neighbor” policy but not a legal requirement.