Statement on infringing National Sovereignty

The ZEDE Constitutional Amendments and ZEDE Organic Law were designed by the National Government of Honduras to develop the economy and generate jobs while protecting and furthering the national sovereignty of Honduras.

The Honduran Constitution, international treaties, and national legislation on all matters related to sovereignty, administration of justice, national defense, international relationships, electoral matters, issuance of identification and passport documents, including the Penal Code, Maritime Legislation, and Migration laws, are all applicable or can be made applicable by national legislation in the ZEDE.

The top official in the ZEDE (i.e., the Technical Secretary) is a Honduran by birth. The Próspera Charter ensures that the Technical Secretary will be nominated by a democratic selection process of residents once the ZEDE reaches high population density. Próspera ZEDE provides its residents with ample mechanisms for democratic participation, including a democratically accountable Ombudsman, citizen forced referendums, automatic referendums for all new rules, the right to select trustees to serve, and to serve, on the Próspera Council of Trustees, recall of council trustees, and the right to amend the Charter of Próspera.