PZ Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Committee

The Law Enforcement Committee, a body established by the Próspera Council, oversees the operations of the Próspera Police Department. It consists of key officials including the Technical Secretary, Vice Technical Secretary, Council Secretary, and up to two additional appointees. This committee is responsible for approving the organizational structure of the Police Department, overseeing its activities, and ensuring adherence to best practices in law enforcement and human rights standards.

Próspera Police Department

The Próspera Police Department operates under the authority granted by article 22 of the ZEDE Organic Law and the Próspera Charter. The department is organized into various divisions and bureaus as recommended by the Chief of Police and approved by the Law Enforcement Committee. These divisions handle different aspects of law enforcement, from traffic control to criminal investigations and inter-agency cooperation.

The Chief of Police is responsible for:

  • Enforcing the Penal Code and the Rules of Próspera.
  • Investigating crimes.
  • Managing peace officers, including their appointment, training, and discipline.
  • Maintaining records and custody of prisoners.
  • Negotiating intergovernmental agreements with other law enforcement agencies.

Special District Prosecutor

The role of the Special District Prosecutor is central to the criminal justice system in Próspera ZEDE. Appointed by the Law Enforcement Committee, the Special District Prosecutor has exclusive jurisdiction over the prosecution of crimes within Próspera. This includes overseeing criminal investigations, filing charges, and prosecuting cases in court.

Key responsibilities of the Special District Prosecutor include:

  • Directing the investigation and prosecution of all criminal cases within Próspera.
  • Ensuring that prosecutions are conducted fairly and in accordance with the law.
  • Coordinating with law enforcement agencies and other legal entities to facilitate the administration of justice.

Filing Criminal Complaints

Residents and visitors of Próspera ZEDE can file criminal complaints through the appropriate channels established by the Próspera Police Department. To file a complaint, please use the following link:

For more detailed information on the roles, responsibilities, and procedures of our law enforcement system, please refer to the Próspera Police Department Resolution and the Próspera Criminal Procedure Statute.