Labor Disputes

Dispute Resolution

As mandated by article 139 of the Honduran Constitution and article 35 of the ZEDE Organic Law, labor disputes in Próspera ZEDE may be resolved by arbitration. The Labor Division of the Próspera Arbitration Center offers a cost-effective and streamlined process for the resolution of labor conflicts within Próspera ZEDE. See PAC Labor Division rules: (

  1. Notice of Arbitration: The process starts by filing a Notice of Arbitration before the PAC, in which the plaintiff explains the nature of the dispute and the relief requested. Filings can be done to the following email:
  2. Response: The respondent has 14 days to respond to the claims filed with the PAC.
  3. Appointment of Arbitrators: The Center will proceed with the appointment of the arbitrator who will hear the legal dispute, in accordance with the applicable rules.
  4. Oral Hearing: Within the following 15 days, an oral hearing will be scheduled either physically or electronically, where the parties may represent themselves or through counsel. The hearing will last approximately two hours.
  5. Arbitration Award: The Arbitral Tribunal, after hearing the parties and reviewing the evidence, will issue an arbitration award that has the force of a court judgment to resolve the dispute. The parties are obliged to comply with the arbitration award, which can also be enforced with the assistance of Prospera ZEDE and the courts of New York Convention Member States.
  6. Appeal: Within 10 days from the date of the arbitration award, the parties may file an appeal against the arbitration award if they are dissatisfied with the decision made by the arbitral tribunal.