Crowdfunding Platform

Fintech Regulation A (Chapter 1, Section 3 (q))

The physical or virtual place through which those who have investment projects or financing needs: (1) disseminate, communicate, offer, or promote those projects or needs, or the characteristics thereof; or (2) contact, or obtain contact information from, those who have the resources available or the intention to participate in, or satisfy, those projects or needs.

Application Fee: $2,500.00

The application fee is reduced to $1,500.00 if applying in conjunction with other FINTECH Licenses.

Applicable Rules:

FinTech Licensing Application Forms:


That it has the necessary systems and procedures to comply with the information and disclosure obligations set forth in Section 4 of this Chapter.

Information Obligations of Crowdfunding Platforms:

(1) The characteristics and conditions of the investment
projects or financing needs; and

(2) The potential conflicts of interest that the crowdfunding
platform may have;