Credit Advisory

Fintech Regulation A (Chapter 1, Section 3 (f))

A person, facility or agency that provides assessments or recommendations to third parties regarding the capacity or probability of payment of persons or entities, or their identity, for the purpose of obtaining loans or financing.

Application Fee: $2,500.00

The application fee is reduced to $1,500.00 if applying in conjunction with other FINTECH Licenses.

Applicable Rules:

Próspera FINTECH Regulation A

RFSA Administrative Action No. 15

FinTech Licensing Application Forms:

A-3 RFSA Fintech Reg A Application

A-4 RFSA Fintech Reg A Standard Deferral Application

A-5 RFSA Fintech Reg A Waiver-Exemption Petition


(1) That it has the systems and procedures necessary to comply with the information and disclosure obligations established by Section 4 of this Chapter; and

(2) That it has the competence and knowledge required by Section 5 of this Chapter;