Brokerage of Financial Instruments

Fintech Regulation A(Chapter 1, Section 3 (n))

The facility, agency, or act of buying or selling financial instruments for third parties, in any of the following ways: (1) by acquiring or disposing of financial instruments for itself, with the prior intention of selling or buying those same instruments to or from the third party; or (2) by acquiring or selling financial instruments on behalf of or for such third party.

Application Fee: $2,500.00

The application fee is reduced to $1,500.00 if applying in conjunction with other FINTECH Licenses.

Applicable Rules:

FinTech Licensing Application Forms:


(1) That it has the necessary systems and procedures to comply with the information and
disclosure obligations established by Section 4 of this Chapter;

(2) That it has the operational capacity to support the processing of operations performed through its systems or infrastructure;

(3) That it has the guarantee required by Section 6 of this Chapter; and

(4) That it has the equity required by Section 7 of this Chapter;