Financial Intelligence Unit Liaison

The Financial Intelligence Unit Liaison (FIUL) was established as an office within the Roatán Financial Services Authority (RFSA) responsible for the collection, maintenance, as well as intragovernmental and intergovernmental distribution of financial and other information gathered pursuant to the authorities established by Próspera Financial Regulation A.

The FIUL shall serve as a liaison with the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of the National Commission on Bank and Insurance (CNBS), which currently acts as the central, national agency of the Republic of Honduras responsible for receiving, requesting, analyzing, and disseminating information concerning suspected proceeds of crime and terrorist property, as provided for by law and regulation.

Relevant RFSA Administrative Actions:

FIUL Declarations:

AMLFT Treaties ratified by Honduras

In accordance with article 329 of the Honduran Constitution and article 8(2) of the ZEDE Organic Law, as a political subdivision of the Republic of Honduras, Próspera ZEDE is bound by international treaties ratified by the Honduran Congress. The Republic of Honduras has ratified the following treaties on Anti-Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism:

  • United Nations Convention Against Transnational Organized Crime
  • United Nations Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances
  • Single Convention On Narcotic Drugs Of 1961 As Amended By The 1972 Protocol (Not Ratified By Honduras)
  • Convention On Psychotropic Substances Of 1971
  • International Convention For The Suppression Of The Financing Of Terrorism (1999)
  • Interamerican Convention Against Terrorism (2002)
  • Inter-American Convention Against CorruptionConvenio Centroamericano Para La Prevención Y La Represión De Los Delitos De Lavado De Dinero Y De Activos, Relacionados Con El Tráfico Ilícito De Drogas Y Delitos Conexos